"Welcome my brothers and sisters to the 21st century.  According to the science fiction stories…we should be living hundreds of years and all illnesses and diseases long eliminated…regrettably illness and disease are more prevalent now than ever before. 

Every new age of man has its biblical-level pestilences that challenged that age…during the Middle Ages it was the Black Plague…the industrial age created the perfect conditions for the epidemic spread of tuberculosis…in this new age I feel that chronic illness is our biblical-level pestilence…the solution to chronic illness cannot be found exclusively in medications, machines, supplements or therapies.

The answer lies within each of us…to heal we must become be cognizant of the fact that we are both the creator of our chronic illnesses as well as the architect of our health.  Through awareness, acceptance of personal responsibility and force of will cures can be attained…answers await those who are ready.  What will be gained are profound transformations, growth and a greater freedom from chronic illness."


Chapter 1  These are Changing Times

Chapter 2  Why Does Chronic Illness Still Exist?

Chapter 3  The Roots of Chronic Illness 

Chapter 4  What Happened To The Miracles? 

Chapter 5  The Slow Evolution Of Medicine 

Chapter 6  Separation Of Self – Medicine’s Blind Side

Chapter 7  The Patient-Driven Transformation Of Medicine 

Chapter 8  How We Really Heal 

Chapter 9  Intention - The Fountainhead of  Miracles 

Chapter 10  Where Do I Start? 

Chapter 11  My Story