A compelling book about the processes involved in the healing of chronic illness

  • Where we were in the past
  • Where we are in the present
  • Where we need to be in the future

The greatest challenge in healthcare today is that chronic illness consumes 80% of every healthcare dollar and without any hope of cure.

For the past 100 years neither traditional nor nontraditional medicine has offered any substantial solutions to growing impact of chronic illness. Now, imagine a world without chronic illness…a world defined by each person creating the healing miracles they want and need.

Miracles or I Have No More Boils explains the true root causes of chronic illness and the power that each person possess in creating their own cures.

The origins of most chronic illness are not found only in the physical world. The chronic illnesses of the physical world are the physical expression of the interplay between the mind and spirit. When the spirit and ego are in conflict, chronic illness is the result. When they are working together, true health can be realized.

Patrick Massey MD PhD MhD has an unique perspective on chronic illness. He is an internal medicine physician who is fellowship trained and board certified in Integrative Medicine (blending of traditional and nontraditional medicine). He also has a doctorate in metaphysical studies. Dr. Massey believes that health cannot be achieved without healing the spirit, mind and body together.

Miracles or I Have No More Boils is a book is for anyone who is tired of being chronically ill and wants to be the architect of their own health by creating the miracles that they want and need.